Bluemarlin Brings Out the Science in SCI-MX

Bluemarlin Brings Out the Science in SCI-MX

Bluemarlin has recently redesigned packaging for SCI-MX Nutrition, a leading brand in the sports nutrition category.

SCI-MX's repositioning and redesign project was a proactive response to an in-depth market and consumer research project based on consumer attitudes to nutrition and the underlying reasons for the recent boom in the UK sports nutrition market. The brand recognised an opportunity to broaden its appeal to reach a rapidly expanding group of image conscious modern men who are looking to improve their physical appearance and performance. To reach these consumers, SCI-MX needed a contemporary and professional look, which highlighted its reputation for quality, trust and high-performance.

SCI MX Nutrition Packaging by Bluemarlin

The aim was to shift the brand's positioning from promoting sports performance, to becoming the beacon brand for physique development. "You at your best," the new slogan, was born and it encapsulates the multiple benefits associated with an improved physique. The new design accomplishes this by capitalising on the high quality and expertise of SCI- MX products, focusing largely on its cutting-edge, scientifically proven formulas.

SCI-MX's logo has been strengthened with a unique molecular symbol and new typography, giving it a more modern and efficacious feel. The scientific expertise behind the products is further emphasised with an updated and rebalanced colour palate of blue, silver and white. This trio of colours communicates trust, intelligence, and authority, while icons and sleek holding shapes, also based on molecular form, help organise and clearly communicate the large amount of required information on the pack.

"We wanted to empower the brand to break out of what is expected in the sports nutrition category," commented Chris Hart, Creative Director bluemarlin Bath. "In recent years, body image has increasingly become a concern for modern men, so the goal with the design was to make SCI-MX relevant, approachable and applicable to men who want a more muscular and athletic physique."

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