Trollback and Company Creates Show Open for AICP Next Awards

Trollback + Company Creates Show Open for AICP Next Awards

Trollback + Company (T+Co) recently created a live multimedia show open for the 7th annual AICP Next Awards. T+Co conceived the film and visual assets to set the stage for the inaugural AICP Week and the AICP's bold new direction with the Next Awards.

"Jakob Trollback and his team have always delivered interesting and fresh concepts and executions in the past for the AICP Show and the AICP Conference," commented Matt Miller, President and CEO of AICP.

"For the AICP Next Awards, Trollback created an innovative, multi-screen platform in partnership with McCann Systems.

The motion graphics and design work was wonderfully appropriate for navigating the audience through our forward-looking industry showcase. Everyone was blown away from the opening titles - which is what we asked for, and what Trollback delivered."

The show open uses five 40 x 40-inch LED cubes and a 25-foot screen to create an immersive experience and a dynamic stage for graphic treatments throughout the evening.

The AICP Next logo was configured in the five LED cubes in a row. For the opening, quick-cutting shapes and words draw the viewer in with vortex-like motions in a black and white palette.

For navigation, each cube activates digitally styled graphics on the big screen, including nametags, titles and award categories.

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