Seymourpowell Designs New Smart Jacket System for Kolon Sport

Seymourpowell Designs New Smart Jacket System for Kolon Sport

Seymourpowell has designed a new extreme environment smart jacket system, Life Tech, for outdoor sportswear brand Kolon Sport.

"The Life Tech jacket is pioneering in its relevant and effective use of wearables. The system uses the latest technology to meet the most essential of human needs such as shelter, warmth and communication, in ways that conventional garments simply can't achieve," commented Ian Whatley, Seymourpowell Associate Design Director.

"The concept was born from the invaluable insights gathered by working with leading experts in extreme survival; so we're absolutely confident that the design and features are based on solid foundations. Our design team has translated these insights into a highly desirable and compelling jacket system that sets the standard for the future of wearable technology in the extreme outdoors and winter sports categories."

The jacket's design and features are directly influenced by extensive research and interviews with extreme survival experts. Seymourpowell worked closely with mountaineers and ski guides, a Professor of human thermodynamics, an ex-UK Special Forces operative and even a Polar Explorer. This research gave invaluable insights that have been used to create genuinely innovative and lifesaving features.

The various technological details of the design include: a tri-layered system made up of an outer waterproof and windproof, breathable Gore PRO outer shell jacket; a thermal inner layer with a Heatex System (the world's first conductive polymer heating system); and a stretch fabric base layer with electronic device and battery stowage with proximity to core body heat.

Other key technical design features include a wearable wind turbine generator; oversized zip pulls for use with gloves; easy access shoulder and back straps for manhandling a companion in distress; and a wearable first aid and survival kit.

In a sign that the wearable technology revolution is being driven by the fashion industry, the Kolon Sport Life Tech jacket demonstrates the effectiveness of wearable technology in clothing when there is a genuine need for it.

The wind turbine mounted onto the sleeve of the jacket can be angled to generate power throughout the day whilst the wearer is on the move. It can also be removed and attached to the exterior of a tent to continue generating power overnight. The turbine can charge auxiliary devices such as GPS & smartphones for essential navigation and communication. The Heatex System provides up to seven hours of potentially life saving heat up to a temperature of 40-50°C around vital organs. In addition, the Racoon Fur liner on the hood of the jacket works effectively to retain heat in the facial zone.