Greenspace Creates the Anthology Story

Greenspace Creates the Anthology Story

Greenspace has laid the strategic and creative foundations for new London property developer, Anthology. Greenspace has worked in partnership with the Anthology management team in building the new brand from the ground up, analysing domestic and international competition and studying industry and consumer insights to ensure the Anthology brand positioning is differentiated and truly engaging.

Greenspace developed the brand driving idea; "Stories of Homes, Built from London" - from which the name "Anthology" arises. Anthology's business proposition is to create homes and places exclusively for Londoners to live in. It is evident that Anthology isn't afraid to be different, challenging property industry norms and ultimately, to ensure the service culture it offers far exceeds expectation.

Greenspace has created a complete identity system to complement its strategic approach; a dynamic brand mark that will evolve with every new development, as well as a bespoke colour palette, typographic system, stationery, meeting assets and the Anthology website.


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