Eventbrite's New HQ by Rapt Studio

Eventbrite's New HQ by Rapt Studio

Rapt Studio designed Eventbrite's new San Francisco HQ.

The office was designed to offer a wide range of options for work environments including one-on-one rooms and quick work nooks (one even equipped with a hammock) ranging to large-scale spaces with full A/V capabilities and stadium seating for company all hands meetings. Ideas for the space were gathered through extensive employee surveys conducted by Rapt, and also crowd-sourced via the "Britelings" posts on Pinterest.

The Britelings can now enjoy an array of perks such as onsite public bikes housed in a distinctive - bike storage alcove, cubbies for electronics in the bathrooms, bacon scented dog beds for the Briteling's "Barklings," and of course, natural light and views of downtown.

Photo: Mariko Reed

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