Rapt Studio Designs New HQ for JERDE

Rapt Studio Designs New HQ for JERDE

Rapt Studio recently designed the new headquarters for Jerde, an architecture, landscape design and planning firm known for large-scale international developments across hospitality, retail, office, entertainment, residences and more. Jerde called on Rapt Studio's expertise in workplace design to re-envision their new headquarters in the historic Art Deco CalEdison in Downtown Los Angeles. Coming from Venice Beach, the move cemented Jerde's forty-plus year relationship with the city and signified a rebirth for the firm, with a new space in a new location.

Understanding the practical needs of an architecture firm, Rapt Studio styled Jerde's new headquarters as an open-office layout outfitted with large custom desk solutions for reviewing drawings, a large open library with display materials and a model-making room, all surrounded by concrete walls.

With the company's other needs in mind, such as having a comfortable space to welcome clients and host events, Rapt Studio designed Jerde's lobby with warm walnut paneling and plush lounge seating configurations that allows the space to easily transform to host either smaller meetings or larger gatherings, creating a more welcoming environment. The result is a raw yet polished interior that feels fresh, organized and hospitable.

Photography: Eric Laignel

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