New goop Office by Rapt Studio

New goop Office by Rapt Studio

Rapt Studio recently designed goop's new, light-filled headquarters in Santa Monica. The design focuses on embodying the brand through space, creating an environment to propel the company to its next phase, and cultivating a place that promotes expansive thinking and creative development. The new office includes a product room and lab for wellness innovation, a test kitchen to experiment with recipes and film the YouTube series hosted by Paltrow and other goop editors, and a fashion and design workroom for exploring styles and designing new collections for G. Label.

A custom reception desk by North Hollywood-based Artcrafters welcomes visitors to the space. Sleek and sculptural, it mimics the scooped forms in the company's name. Adjacent, a wide, rounded metal screen fabricated by Bayly Art wraps around the room. Sweeping curves emerge again in larger architectural moments and are echoed in small furniture details - gestures that guide people through the office and create an intrinsic flow. The color palette - soft, warm, and inviting - is equally pleasing to the senses.

Numerous spaces around the office are designed to cultivate expansive thinking and creative development. To satisfy goop's eager audience, new multi-platform content is captured in photo and video studios and a podcast recording studio. A high level of transparency within the space and between teams supports open communication and productive collaboration, ultimately creating a culture of empowered partnership.

The All Hands area is host to weekly meetings and brings together staff, including those calling in from afar. Lined by a kitchen, it's used for meals too. The adjacent deck, outfitted with Galanter & Jones heated outdoor furniture, is home to office social hours and outdoor meetings with views of the LA skyline.

Illuminating the office are lighting features by Roll & Hill, which are geometric, simple, and refined. Tailor-made workstations, conference room tables, and modular lounges were crafted in collaboration with local MASH Studios, and a custom executive table and set of meeting room credenzas were made by LA-based Waka Waka. The task and conference-room chairs are by Vitra.

Equally important to the active areas but wholly different in nature is the string of calm sanctuaries that offer employees the chance to retreat and find a private moment to balance the social, extroverted work of collaboration. An executive conference room provides a comfortable space for leadership to meet, where branded merchandise chronicling goop's history and evolution is displayed. A yoga room offers space to breathe, stretch, or even take classes taught by employees and outside practitioners. Secluded lounge spaces, personal phone rooms, and cozy booths with scooped seating are meant for a quiet time. These spaces - cocooned and concealed - are designed for reflecting, replenishing, and recharging.

Photography: Madeline Tolle

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