Droga5 and Frost* Collaborate to Rebrand OzHarvest

Droga5 and Frost* Collaborate to Rebrand OzHarvest

Frost* and Droga5 have recently collaborated to create a pro bono brand and identity for a leading food rescue charity, OzHarvest.

OzHarvest is a non-denominational charity that rescues excess food which would otherwise be discarded. This food, primarily donated by restaurants, along with food wholesalers and retailers, is distributed to charities supporting the vulnerable in Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Long time collaborators Vince Frost and Droga5's David "Nobby" Nobay, set their teams together to create a new identity which would visualise the charity's new brand strategy, developed following a series of brand workshops conducted by Droga5. Synthesised as "nourishing our country," the rebrand aims to support the growth of the organisation, helping OzHarvest to create new opportunities to communicate and expand their vital services.

The new mark utilises the distinctive yellow food distribution vans that have become OzHarvest's hallmark, which are picked out in a vehicular shape constructed with scores of images of staple food items. In a cheeky nod to the nature of the services provided by the charity, the identity is realised in the informal, san serif font, Frankfurter.

Frost* has rolled out the first major application of the new branding, with the creation of a visually impactful annual report for OzHarvest. With the pages designed entirely in the leading brand colour, a bright yellow, data is presented as info-graphics, with bold pull out quotes and in an echo of the new identity, text is shown as typographic motifs.

Frost and Nobby first became involved with OzHarvest through their participation in the charity's annual fundraising challenge, the CEO Cookoff, earlier this year. It proved to be an important introduction, with both creatives feeling a real connection that has grown to become a passion for their respective agencies. Droga5 and Frost* now have an ongoing pro-bono partnership with OzHarvest and are working to help them develop a range of media and hospitality enterprises which will support and promote their objectives.

"I felt an overwhelming desire to become more involved with OzHarvest, as soon as I first encountered them through the CEO Cookoff" commented Frost. "Nobby and I both knew that we could make a tangible difference to the organisation through what we do. This work shows how design can be transformative and create a very real, positive outcome for people's lives".

"The concept of "nourish" is part of a journey that will ultimately include the creation of urban allotments, a pop-up restaurant, a new product line and hopefully even a TV show over the next year," Nobay stated.

The new branding was revealed at the event this week to launch a cookbook created by OzHarvest, billed as the first ever 'food rescue' recipe book and featuring recipes from Australia's leading chefs. Funds raised from sales of the volume will support the charity's work.

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