Loyalkaspar Rebrands Peabody Awards

Loyalkaspar Rebrands Peabody Awards

Loyalkaspar recently created a bold new strategy and identity for Peabody, a world-renowned institution dedicated to recognizing excellence in electronic media and storytelling. The rebrand included a new logo, as well as brand communication guide, print collateral, business cards, and series of digital templates.

Rooted in the tagline "Stories that Matter," the comprehensive brand strategy and visual identity raises public awareness of Peabody while positioning the brand as one that invigorates people, culture, and society through the transformative power of stories.

"The Peabodys have a rich history of curating storytelling, from its roots in radio and TV journalism to scripted content across all media in today's digital age," commented Dr. Jeffrey P. Jones, Peabody Director. "In such an age of vast choices, it was important for us to raise the profile of our organization and the awards. loyalkaspar was able to not only able to express what the Peabody brand stands for, but also extend it in a way that honors our role in the ever-changing media landscape, from past to present to future."

"While the Peabody Awards are highly respected in the entertainment industry, the general public's awareness of Peabody as an organization was low," added loyalkaspar Creative Director Richard Eng. "They're a modern entity that embraces innovation and stories on a much larger scale - from radio and television to symposiums, talks and digital platforms - so our brand strategy aspires to convey that."

Loyalkaspar's first design task was to revamp the logo. Since the brand's iconic image was the medallion given to award winners, embossed with founder George Foster Peabody's image, loyalkaspar decided to use a 2D graphic of Peabody's silhouette, accented with bursts that call to mind the symbolic laurels of entertainment awards and accolades. A custom sans serif font and an understated-yet-modern color palette elegantly underscore the importance of the brand.

Loyalkaspar also designed a brand communication guide, print collateral, business cards, and series of digital templates in order to unify the brand's visual and verbal identity across all touchpoints.

This new visual identity was then translated and extended to the 74th annual Peabody Awards, hosted by former Peabody recipient Fred Armisen and held as a red-carpet gala for the first time ever. Loyalkaspar produced the on-air awards package for Pivot's 90-minute prime-time broadcast, which included a traditional suite of opens, bumpers and graphics.