Ribbon R27

Ribbon R27

Ribbon Yachts has unveiled R27, a boat that is fun to use as a day boat while still being practical as a tender. Ribbon R27 has space for seven adults to be transported in a luxurious environment with the highest level of refinement.

R27 features Silvergaurd leatherwork, in harmony with carbon fibre detailing, to create an environment where every detail has been specifically designed for luxury. Exterior styling is matched by interior materials, manufactured by hand, to achieve a finish never seen before on a boat of this size.

As an open-topped tender, the interior and exterior boundaries merged together and from the start Ribbon R27 cockpit was an integral element of the concept. The design team wanted a lightweight, lounge environment and was inspired by modern aeronautics to design a slim dashboard proportion with luxury Ribbon DNA cockpit seats. Further design cues came from a theme of aeronautical engineering, giving rise to complex interior and dynamic wing forms.

Utilizing a full vacuum injected composite construction, Ribbon's uncompromising approach to ride quality is manifested in a revolutionary hull design, incorporating unique lines and a deep vertical bow. This design allows the hull to pierce the waves, resulting in an exceptionally smooth ride even in choppy waters.

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