UNNIA by Simon Pengelly for Inclass

UNNIA by Simon Pengelly for Inclass

Pengelly has developed a new chair for Spanish furniture manufacturer Inclass. UNNIA is a truly multifunctional stacking chair designed for all types of environments from contract to domestic applications. Made from injection molded polypropylene combined with the curvature of the seat and back, UNNIA provides a very comfortable sit with the inherent flexibility of the plastic enabling a highly flexible sitting posture.

UNNIA has been developed to provide a unique approach to colour, enabling colour to be aesthetically and functionally expressed in an entirely new way by separating the seat and back components to allow the customisation of numerous combinations.

Remarkable for its seamless lines, simplicity and high degree of functionality, Inclass have committed to manufacturing the chair in 12 stock colours, giving more colour choices than any other chair. Consisting of neutrals and colours, specially selected to combine in a variety of different ways, the versatility of UNNIA's colour system allows for a huge amount of options.

By separating the seat and back components it also allows the inclusion of mixed material options, such as plastic and wood combinations in addition to upholstered versions, available in more than 300 fabrics and leathers, and COM.

Simon Pengelly