FLOS Wins Three 2015 GOOD DESIGN Awards

FLOS Wins Three 2015 GOOD DESIGN Awards

FLOS won three 2015 GOOD DESIGN Awards for the Shade lamp designed by Paul Cocksedge, the Ipnos lamp by Nicoletta Rossi and Guido Bianchi and The Running Magnet 2.0 architectural lighting system.

"FLOS is honored to be recognized with three GOOD DESIGN Awards this year," commented CEO of FLOS USA Jan Vingerhoets. "We're seeing a high level of creativity in design due to new technologies that FLOS is researching and bringing to light. Shade, Ipnos and Running Magnet 2.0 are undoubtedly beautiful, but it's the surprising details and playful illusions that make each one truly spectacular."

The magic of Cocksedge's Shade is the successful outcome of an attempt to avoid conventional solutions for using mains power from the ceiling, eliminating the intrusion of visible wires, cables and switches. Instead, the power derives from an LED floor fitting housed in a small black aluminum box. This element shines light upwards into the Japanese paper shade, which in turn is invisibly suspended from the ceiling by capillary-thin nylon wires, making it look like a surreal, floating lampshade.

Ipnos is an indoor-outdoor LED floor lamp composed of an ultra-light skeleton of thin extruded and anodized aluminum profiles. LED light sources are integrated in the upper edges, leaving the space inside the lamp empty and glowing with a soft and interesting light that seems to come from nowhere.

The Running Magnet 2.0 architectural lighting system, originally designed for use in retail displays where frequent changes are typical and absolute performance is required, is popular in a number of project categories including hospitality, office and residential. The extruded aluminum housing creates a clean 1-3/8" slot that can run up, around and across walls and ceilings. Vertical and horizontal corners complete the system. Linear LED and accent fixtures can be exchanged and re-positioned without tools, connecting automatically through the magic of magnets. A variety of light elements achieve flexible yet precise illumination with artistic results.