TSMGO Creates Packaging for Abadía Española

TSMGO Creates Packaging for Abadía Española

TSMGO recently created the branding and packaging for a new range from Abadía Española, one of the first artisanal breweries in Spain.

Facing up to the challenge of industrial beers, Abadía Española launched new recipes with a renewed modern image; evocative of the origin of the precious amber liquid. Brewed with natural ingredients and traditional methods, this "liquid bread," as it has historically been known, is reinvented and updated. Its three varieties Pilsner, Lager and Seven Malts are characterized by the intensity of their flavour and the richness of their nuances, which underlines the dedication in their development.

TSMGO have reinvented the Abadía Española image, remaining faithful to its artisanal essence, creating powerful packaging which reflects the singularity of its flavour, in both an eye-catching and modern style.

In tribute to the Abbeys which illuminated dark times with devotion and knowledge, the aesthetic of our proposal drinks from the Romanesque architecture of these temples. The purity of their beauty, devoid of excessive ornament, inspires the harmony and careful balance of our design.

The palette of fluorescent colors chosen glow in the dark as a tender reference to the figure of light which Abbeys were during long centuries of darkness. Its phosphorescence is the perfect way to remain faithful to the origins of Abadía (Abbey), incorporating a provocative claim linked to the origin of the illustrations: Illustrate: illuminate, bring to light, divulge, etymologically: IN: intensity + shine: illuminate, purify and shine at the same time: light, shine.