Trollbäck and Company Creates Digital Campaigns for Spotify Premium, Video, and Party

Trollbäck + Company Creates Digital Campaigns for Spotify Premium, Video, and Party

Trollbäck + Company (T+Co) recently partnered with Spotify to create a series of digital advertising campaigns for Spotify Premium and several new features, such as Spotify Party and the streaming service's highly anticipated addition of video content.

For Spotify Premium, T+Co produced 10 videos translated in 10 languages across 30+ markets. The campaign challenged them to convey several product features for today's increasingly distracted online and mobile users. They achieved this with a series of animated sequences that represent each benefit of the subscription plan - from ad-free listening to offline access to better sound quality.

"Spotify has a sophisticated understanding of its visual brand," remarked T+Co CCO Jakob Trollbäck. "Their use of bold colors, large type and clean compositional designs fell right in our wheelhouse creating this campaign."

"The key to these spots was quickly establishing emotional connections based on the different contexts in which each feature might be useful," added T+Co Creative Director Brian Bowman. "Spotify provided us with general contextual scenarios, and then we conceived a visual system for each one with unique presentations of copy, brand patterns, and textures."

T+Co took a mixed-media approach to create the final product. Experimenting with textures and motion, they abstracted Spotify's vector toolset of brand patterns and integrated them into silhouettes of live-action performers captured on a green screen.

To brand and promote Spotify's new video features, which include original and exclusive content, T+Co further evolved the graphic brand language of shapes though animation, with a striking depth of field and color. The team also custom-created a percussive mnemonic for Spotify Originals, content made in partnership with other brands.

The music portion of the campaign was equally crucial when it came to emotionally enhancing the contextual set-ups for Spotify Premium, as well as sonically capturing the dynamic functionality of Spotify Party. T+Co sought genre-agnostic tracks that felt contemporary and ubiquitous in the same way that their aesthetic choices related to broad-ranging audiences, as the campaign hit markets across the Americas and Europe. They tapped YouTooCanWoo to produce original tracks, which afforded more creative control and continuity across every aspect of the production.