#Commuteless - The Movement for Living More

#Commuteless: The Movement for Living More

The Brave New Now is behind the strategic and creative development of #COMMUTELESS, a global movement launched in The Netherlands, aiming to spark a cultural shift and change the way we work and live, by reducing unnecessary commuting.

The movement rebels against the corporate 9-5 working-from-the-office culture and believes that wasting precious time on travelling to work every single day is madness and not in sync with the digital era we live in today.

Coming soon to London and Tel Aviv, the movement is aiming to get noticed through a series of provocative digital billboards, unmissable for commuters travelling into and out of cities.

The youthful controversial campaign focuses on key travel locations including Amsterdam Centraal Station, one of Europe's busiest commuter hubs, the ads highlight the things those travellers could be doing more of, if they weren't commuting at the time - from loving, to living, to lovemaking.

The campaign's photography is by Australian-born fashion photographer Nirrimi Firebrace. She travels the world shooting campaigns for brands such as Billabong and Diesel and recently documented First Aid Kit's music tour across the States. Creative Directors of The Brave New Now, Roger Leebody and Gillian Glendinning said "We have been admirers of Nirrimi's work for a long time and thought her fresh style and original observations of everyday life were perfect for this campaign."

Social channels will promote further content and at commute-less.com, commuters can calculate just how much of their life they're wasting in work travel and choose to add their voice to the people-powered movement.

The Brave New Now worked with creative technologist Owen van Dijk and Amsterdam based OddOne to develop the animation and motion graphics.

#COMMUTELESS is a response to research that suggests commuting is bad for both our health and the planet's: it's stressful, frustrating, depressing and a waste of time. People who commute more than 45 minutes a day are 40% more likely to get divorced and commuting less increases your energy and gives you a higher sex drive.

Co-founder of the initiative Tali Bielski, feels the time is right for this kind of step-change in commuters' thinking. "Most people commute to work five-days a week. But do we really need to? It seems crazy. Especially to today's younger generation of workers, who have a healthier take on their work-life balance."

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