Beyond Meat Relaunches with Bold New Packaging and Visual Identity by Bulletproof

Beyond Meat Relaunches with Bold New Packaging & Visual Identity by Bulletproof

Bulletproof created a bold new packaging and visual identity for Beyond Meat, a plant-based protein brand with ambitious plans to change the way the world 'meats.' Beyond Meat is aiming to take things to the next level in the category by boldly delivering "The Future of Protein" to consumers: all the taste, texture, aroma and satisfaction of the traditional meaty dishes they love with the health, environmental and animal welfare upsides of plant-based protein.

Across the brand's products, including the highly anticipated Beyond Burger-currently enjoying a very successful launch-there was a goal of bringing visual cohesion and consistency to ensure consumers could easily navigate the range. Taking the findings from a strategic review of the brand, Bulletproof was tasked with creating a design that would also elevate the brand's bold and witty tone of voice on pack, while creating real stopping power on shelf.

Working from a strategic visual platform of 'Dig into Fulfilment,' Bulletproof created a number of design concepts that celebrated Beyond Meat's center-of-plate offerings using dramatically shot, mouth-watering food photography within a design architecture featuring Butchers shop visual language, adding credibility and sumptuous flavor cues.

Dialling up the brand's core equities, the final design concept features a bold brand mark with Beyond Meat's signature fork featured within the rustic stamped typography and crowned by the veggie animal symbol.