Actiu and Alegre Design Unveil TNK Flex and eFit

Actiu and Alegre Design Unveil TNK Flex & eFit

Actiu, through its Research and Development team, together with Alegre Design, has created eFIT, a chair designed for millennials, in constant search of design and functionality; and TNK Flex, a chair that can anticipate the user's needs and that is able to adapt itself to the user's movements and morphology.

TNK Flex is an operational and executive chair which anticipates, in an intuitive way, the needs of the user, adapting itself to the morphology and movements of the human body and adjusting the backrest and seat as if it were a second skin. "The seat has been designed based on a similar technology employed in the lorry cabins: a suspended seat that provides a feeling of weightlessness," explained Marcelo Alegre, designer Alegre Design. "The contact area with the user is provided by air chambers in the foam of the seat which favours compression and decompression, so that the seat houses, absorbs and adapts its shape to the specific needs of the user, creating a sense of balance and well-being.

"From this comfortable and stable seat of the user, we have created an intelligent backrest, in an orbital way that brings the back home automatically adjusting all movements without the user having to activate any mechanism."

eFit features a flexible, breathable backrest which responds to the movements of the back through a dynamic lumbar system, supporting this area in a way that relieves the upper part of the back and neck.

Efit is highly customizable, such as its single colour design (black or white), fully upholstered backrest - an option for improved comfort - or matching casing and upholstery. All this to respond to the needs of a connected, free and spontaneous generation that know how to make it their own and make it fit in all kinds of workspaces, be they traditional offices, home offices or coworking spaces.


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