Actiu Wins Red Dot Product Design Award for Karbon

Actiu Wins Red Dot Product Design Award for Karbon

Karbon, Actiu's new carbon-fiber chair, won a 2019 Red Dot Product Design Award. Karbon is an iconic and avant-garde piece of industrial art, created by combining advanced technology with the artisan know-how.

The chair's timeless, elegant and avant-garde design reinterprets carbon-fiber and connects with people's sensitivity and emotions. It is the result of two years of research, work and intense collaboration between Actiu and designer Javier Cuñado from ITEMDesignworks.

"We wanted to surprise the user through technological innovation and new processes and materials," Cuñado explained. "In this regard, carbon fibre, which is traditionally associated to elite sports and the aerospace industry, has allowed us to create freer and more creative shapes than other raw materials, such as plastic or metal. We had to unlearn everything we knew about conventional processes and their limitations in order to be freer and take advantage of all the possibilities of carbon fibre."

Photos: Courtesy of Actiu


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