Actiu Unveils Karbon Chair

Actiu Unveils Karbon Chair

Actiu has recently unveiled Karbon, a highly resistant and extremely light chair designed by Javier Cuñado of ITEMdesignworks. Karbon chair combines carbon fiber's resistance with an exclusive, elegant and clever design.

"Ambition and the continuous search for new limits has led us to try out new productive processes and materials with values ​​and vision of the future," explained Actiu, Brand Director, Soledat Berbegal. "On this matter, together with ITEMdesignworks, we wanted to reinterpret the applicability of the lightness and resistance of carbon fibre to other technological sectors in order to create a different chair, with seductive shapes, which brings exclusivity beyond the physical."

The result of this collaboration is an iconic piece, with a perfectly polished 3K mesh surface that covers it, which provides new interactions between the chair and the user, awakening unique experiences through touch, sight and, of course, use.

"Designing and developing a carbon fibre chair is a great challenge for the designer, a big change from what we already know about the shapes, materials and conventional production processes," commented Javier Cuñado, designer of the chair and CEO of ITEMdesignworks. "Having overcome this, a world of enormous possibilities opens up that first needs to be understood and then explored after. In our case, our experience in the development of high-end e-bikes allowed us to get to know the material and its qualities. This technology allows us to create new shapes that flow in space in a different, freer and more creative way."

Photos: Courtesy of Actiu