Seymourpowell Creates Interactive Smart Mirror for Superdry's Berlin Flagship Store

Seymourpowell Creates Interactive Smart Mirror for Superdry's Berlin Flagship Store

Seymourpowell has created a new interactive 'smart mirror' for British lifestyle brand Superdry's new flagship store in Berlin, which allows customers to 'digitally' try on the brand's new range of winter apparel before purchasing.

Seymourpowell collaborated closely with Superdry's global merchandising and store design teams on the concept, which forms a focal point of their newly flagship store. "We've designed the Smart Mirror to stop shoppers in their tracks with an engaging, fun and highly interactive experience that brings them closer to the Superdry brand and products," commented Pat Fahy, Creative Director, Customer Experience at Seymourpowell. "A large full-length screen that acts like a mirror prompts customers to browse the collections using swiping gestures and select their favourites with an 'air punch'. Integrated body tracking technology allows them to try on the garments digitally as they browse. Any movement the customer makes is mirrored by the garment shown on screen, giving people a new, instant feel for how the product fits and moves."

As customers browse, additional information such as colour variants and design details for each garment is displayed, a new way of introducing the products to customers. Signage and messaging encourages customers to share their experiences of the Smart Mirror on social media platforms and data on which products customers 'favourite' and chose to try on is collected to help Superdry develop and tailor future collections. When not in use, the Smart Mirror becomes a dynamic part of the store design and merchandising scheme that showcases the new collection.

"The Smart Mirror creates new ways for customers to interact with products and it allows Superdry to be at the forefront of this new technology and innovative customer experience," Fahy continued. "It's been wonderful to collaborate with Superdry on this project and in the opening of their new flagship store and we look forward to developing the concept further."

Craig Bunyan, Senior Designer at Seymourpowell described the innovative workflow used to turn the physical Superdry garments into interactive digital models: "Using a combination of Photogrammetry and 3D-scanning techniques, we were able to generate high quality digital models, complete with photorealistic textures. These models were then bound to digital 'skeletons' which allow them to be driven by depth sensors embedded in mirror installation. The workflow is very similar to modern Hollywood CGI character animation techniques..."

The completed installation is a self-contained, maintenance free unit. The massive 82-inch multi-touch screen will allow future developments of the concept to capture user's data and the software can be updated remotely by Seymourpowell's digital team to adapt to changing fashion lines and software evolutions.