Design Bridge Creates Flippin' Good Pancakes Seasonal Tin for Lyle's Golden Syrup

Design Bridge Creates Flippin' Good Pancakes Seasonal Tin for Lyle's Golden Syrup

Design Bridge has created a new packaging for Lyle's Golden Syrup that captures the fun and festivities of pancake making season. The playful designs have been created to encourage consumers to 'make it Pancake Day, every day' and will appear on all tins and squeezy bottles for a three-month stretch, the first time Lyle's have replaced their iconic Golden Syrup packaging for this length of time.

"We've loved creating one-off, limited edition tins for Lyle's Golden Syrup in the past for special occasions like Christmas and the Queen's 90th birthday, so it was a new and exciting challenge to create a seasonal tin that will stay on shelf for a much longer period of time," commented Mike Stride, Creative Director at Design Bridge. "The main challenge here was to capture the fun traditions we all associate with pancake day while inspiring consumers to enjoy making and eating pancakes more regularly, rather than just on one day of the year."

The strength of Design Bridge's new packaging design lies in how they've taken the iconic elements of the Golden Syrup packaging and 'flipped' them around into something new, seasonal and distinctive. The majestic arc that traditionally holds the brand name now bears the words 'Flippin' Good Pancakes' and has been tilted to become a pancake being vigorously flipped from a sizzling hot frying pan. The classic filigree detailing on front of pack has been re-drawn to incorporate juicy lemon slices, and spatulas have been woven into the tin's decorative border. Further hand-drawn details such as swirling steam and flickering flames capture the energy and excitement of pancake making at home.

"The copy our brand language team developed was also a crucial part of the design," Stride added. "Words like 'sensationally sticky,' 'delicious drizzle' and 'simply scrumptious' evoke the experience we all know and love of spooning Lyle's Golden Syrup onto freshly made pancakes, while 'get ready to make it Pancake Day, every day' and ' why wait? Whip that frying pan out and whisk up a treat...' use playful personality and humour to guide people to think of pancakes as a regular seasonal snack."

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