Nude Brand Creation Designs Packaging for Martell VS Single Distillery

Nude Brand Creation Designs Packaging for Martell VS Single Distillery

Nude Brand Creation has designed the packaging for the Martell VS Single Distillery, a cognac from a single distillation source. The packaging design highlights elements of the product story to provide differentiation within the category and help consumers to better understand what makes it special.

The iconic shape of the traditional 'montre' cognac bottle is the inspiration for the new bottle shape. Revived for the Martell VS Single Distillery Spirit, it is simple but elegant, which provides a point of difference versus the traditional VS category bottle shape.

A restructured cap is sealed with a beige paper ribbon, revealing a cork, while a single label runs down the neck. An offset VS disrupts the usual Martell label arrangement and two lines of copy explain the story behind the single distillation source, to draw consumer's attention. Warmth injected into the label reflects the liquid colour and fruity notes of the cognac.

"Within the cognac category, there were very few brands talking about their product story," commented Mike Parsonson, Partner at Nude Brand Creation. "Today's consumers are interested in brands with a compelling back story so we knew dialling up this aspect of the story would resonate with them.

"We took some inspiration from the craft drinks sector, but gave it a modern twist by adding drama and vibrancy into the design. At the same time we communicated the single distillation process in an easy to understand way."

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