PB Creative Designs New Brand Identity for Lifeplus Be

PB Creative Designs New Brand Identity for Lifeplus Be

PB Creative has created the new brand identity for Lifeplus Be, a natural sports supplements range. Lifeplus approached the agency to create a new sports nutrition brand that would provide the company with an ownable and credible space within the UK, Europe and US sports nutrition markets.

PB Creative identified a gap in the market for a sports nutrition brand aimed at individuals who see staying fit and healthy as a way of life, but can be intimidated by the supplements currently on offer. It recognised that existing sports nutrition brands are either aimed at serious sports enthusiasts, those wanting to build significant muscle mass or to lose weight.

PB then went on to create a brand that is unisex, upbeat and aspirational, yet accessible. It helps consumers navigate the range and find the support they need by establishing three sub categories under the headings: Focused, Sustained and Recharged, each designated for one of the three need states of a workout: pre, during and recovery.

The name 'Be' puts the consumer at the heart of the brand and forms a call-to-action when combined with the three sub categories: Be Focused, Be Sustained and Be Recharged. With a human and upbeat tone of voice, the brand connects with consumers on an emotional level, encouraging and supporting them to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Each sub category features a different color shift, which represents the state of mind associated with that phase of a workout and links back to the core colors of the Lifeplus brand mark. The mix of color and a clean white canvas communicates the brand's approachable and inclusive personality, combined with a fine metallic pinstripe background detail and simple icons that reinforce the efficacy of the scientific formulations and make each of the product benefits easy to understand.

PB Creative was also instrumental in establishing the look and feel, tone of voice and photographic direction for the wider Be brand world.

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