Peloponnese Relaunches with Revitalized Visual Identity to Appeal to a New Generation of Taste Adventurers

Peloponnese Relaunches with Revitalized Visual Identity to Appeal to a New Generation of Taste Adventurers

Bulletproof has created a new visual identity for Peloponnese, aimed to establish the brand as leader in its category and appeal to a new generation of consumers looking for culinary adventure. A purveyor of Greek and Mediterranean foods, including olives, spreads, grape leaves, roasted sweet peppers, and sesame tahini, Peloponnese was launched by Greek gourmand Sotiris Kitrilakis in 1983 and has since established a reputation for producing some of the finest, most authentic Mediterranean cuisine in the world.

With an ambition to become brand leader in its category, Peloponnese needed to refresh its packaging, which was looking outdated and not truly reflective of the passion and skill that goes into the production of this artisanal culinary range. Bulletproof was briefed to create a contemporary design that would give the brand strong shelf standout and entice new consumers to the range, while ensuring clear range navigation for shoppers.

Working from a design platform of 'Heartfelt Foods,' Bulletproof created a new brand identity and packaging that strengthened the core equities of the brand, showing the village of Peloponnese, redrawn in a more contemporary style, evoking the idea of the small batch kitchens where the specialties are carefully yet passionately created.

The new design architecture unifies the range, making it easier for shoppers to navigate the portfolio, with each variant descriptor clearly contained within its own brightly colored plaque nestled below the Peloponnese logo, set against a bold blue background. The colorways were chosen to give the brand maximum standout at shelf, with the contrasting use of bright blue and dark blue on pack to create an impactful brand block.

"The Peloponnese brand and its broad range of Mediterranean specialties has long been a staple of the culinary adventurer's pantry," Bulletproof commented. "However, the outside of their packs has never lived up to the quality of the product at the heart of the brand. To bring this classic forward, we reimagined the distinctive brand asset of the hillside Peloponnese village, by simplifying and amplifying its inviting charm. The sun washed stone walls, the terracotta roofs and the faint silhouette of the rustic hillside all hint at the allure and history of the region.

"The new design aesthetic speaks in a more colloquial and authentic tone-of-voice. A simple, hand-crafted logo and bright Mediterranean colors offer a uniquely warm smile at the shelf... inviting everyone to share in the warmth of the Peloponnese table."