Studio Output Updates BBC Sport Identity

Studio Output Updates BBC Sport Identity

With a quiet year between the Olympics and World Cup, BBC Sport embarked on a plan to harmonise the brand. The previous guidelines were built for broadcast, not the multi-platform world BBC Sport now inhabits, so the team wanted to build coherence, cut-through and credit across all platforms: TV, online, social and marketing.

As the brand lead in a closely-aligned team, Studio Output worked in intense sprints alongside BBC Creative, BBC Sport marketing, broadcast and UX&D, delivering a set of interim guidelines and consulting on their implementation.

Reflecting a new strategy of 'Sport as a Service,' Studio Output created a simple but consistent system for locking up the new BBC Sport logo with network partners, events and regions. The warmer 'Sport yellow' is more harmonious with BBC portfolio partners and supported by a bright palette of neutral colours, bringing BBC Sport out of the darkness into a fresher, flatter and more contemporary space.

BBC Sport is the first brand to introduce the new BBC font family, BBC Reith. To implement it with consistency, the studio applied BBC GEL grids across all platforms, including broadcast. The new system creates a cohesive presentation for the first time across broadcast, app and responsive web.

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