Studio Output Rebrands Events Agency Wonder

Studio Output Rebrands Events Agency Wonder

Studio Output recently completed a brand refresh for London-based creative events agency Wonder. The refresh shows how a new design system can reflect a revitalized brand purpose while keeping aspects of the identity recognizable to a loyal and established customer base.

"Wonder has a well-loved logo that didn't need changing, but the broader identity lacked the energy and edge to gain cut-through in the creative market," said Johanna Drewe, Associate Creative Director at Output. "Wonder's purpose is all about helping its clients to create a sense of wonder, and this needed to be made clearer through its communications."

Output refreshed the brand for success by creating a design system that builds strong, flexible foundations for all sorts of storytelling, from physical marketing assets through to the agency website.

Output wanted to design an identity that brings to life the look and feel of a Wonder event. "The digital experience had to do justice to the scale and flair of a Wonder production, and the level of detail that goes into them," Drewe explained. "We needed a digital design system that has personality, movement and a sense of craft."

Using the existing logo as a base, and the concept of 'A window into another world,' Output has built a new brand expression and flexible visual toolkit. It's an identity with bold and bright colors, dynamic patterns, and interactive elements that create moments of intrigue. Layered graphics represent Wonder's tailored and scalable approach.

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