COLLINS Designs Monumental Rebrand for Dropbox

COLLINS Designs Monumental Rebrand for Dropbox

Dropbox has unveiled the biggest change to the company's brand in its 10-year history, including a colorful new look and global brand campaign focusing on creative energy, created in collaboration with COLLINS. As Dropbox's mission has evolved from keeping files in sync to helping teams in sync, this new brand shows that Dropbox isn't just a place to store files, but instead a living workspace that brings teams and ideas together.

COLLINS worked with Dropbox to bring their vision to life. New facets of Dropbox's rebrand include:

Visual Design

The new design system is built on the idea that extraordinary things happen when diverse minds come together, and is communicated visually by pairing contrasting colors, type and imagery.


With 259 fonts, the new typeface Sharp Grotesk allows for versatility, allowing Dropbox to "speak" in a variety of tones.

The Logo

Cleaner and simpler, the new logo has evolved from a literal box to a collection of surfaces to illustrate Dropbox is an open platform and a place for creation.


The new system juxtaposes colors in bold, unexpected ways, and changes based on the situation.
Co-creation with artists - Dropbox is partnering with artists to create visual metaphors for collaboration, and these will roll out in the next few weeks and months.

Users will begin to see Dropbox's new look, from the website to products, over the next few weeks. The company will also be sharing their story in a global ad campaign initially from the US to the UK to Australia.