Hart and Jones Design a Break with Tradition - A New Whisky That Talks About Flavour

Hart & Jones Design a Break with Tradition: A New Whisky That Talks About Flavour

Hart & Jones have set about challenging the uncompromisingly masculine codes of the whisky category, with their branding and packaging design for a new London finished, peated English Whisky.

"Whisky has evolved to project a set of values that fits the tough landscape of its Scottish heritage. When considering the design for a new English whisky, finished in PX sherry casks in London by the Sacred Spirits master flavour craftsman, we saw a huge opportunity to break with tradition and speak about taste," explained Simon Jones, Managing Director at Hart & Jones. "A conversation sorely lacking in the design codes of this aromatically rich category."

Sacred Spirits started life as micro distillers of gin: capturing flavour and aroma is part of their DNA and has heavily influenced their journey into whisky territory.

"The new design captures the eccentricity and curiosities surrounding the brand in an iconic and powerful manner," said Chris Hart, Creative Director at Hart & Jones. "But the uniqueness of this design is the metaphor of the moth: inviting the consumer into the decadent drinking experience, visually sampling the subtle sweet fruit notes and deeper sapid tones of smoke, fire and oak. It is not your everyday Whisky window shopping experience."

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