Robot Food Dish Out an Adventurous New Kids Range for Homepride

Robot Food Dish Out an Adventurous New Kids Range for Homepride

Simple, easy and a cupboard staple for many, Homepride is a favorite amongst families. Now, Homepride Kids looks to stir up the children's food category with an adventurous range of cooking and pasta sauces created to reassure parents and excite fussy young palettes. Having designed Homepride's All American range, Robot Food was asked once again to take the lead creatively with a sub-brand filled with fun.

In a hyper mature children's food category, nobody was owning a main meal solution for the difficult-to-please, developing taste buds of 4-7 year olds. Homepride wanted a sub-brand that would challenge the category as a relevant competitor and appeal to demanding millennial parents. As a brand trusted by families, it was important that the new sub-brand still be Homepride proud, but clearly differentiated as a product for the little ones.

Big kids at heart, Robot Food channelled their inner child to create a fun and engaging personality for the sub-brand, putting Fred at the centre of the adventure. Illustration, contemporary colors and an imaginative use of food photography all come together to tell a new story for Homepride - one packed with over 80 grams of veg, exotic but mild, kid-friendly flavors and giant tomato space hoppers.

And there's something for the parents too. While Robot Food wanted a look and feel that would appeal to kids, packs speak directly to parents. A reassuring tone of voice offers up a helping hand, while prioritising the important "grown up stuff" that busy parents need to know quickly.

"This range is as much for parents as it is for kids," commented Ben Brears, Senior Designer at Robot Food. "We understand how stressful meal times can get with young children and wanted to inject some fun into the design, bringing play time to tea time if you will."

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