Singapore Airlines Unveils New Business Class Designed by JPA Design

Singapore Airlines Unveils New Business Class Designed by JPA Design

Singapore Airlines today unveiled its new cabin design, which will be fitted to its Airbus A380 fleet starting from next month. JPA Design, who has been designing award-winning business and first class cabins for Singapore Airlines since 1998, worked closely with the airline to create a dynamic, exciting and future focused business class seat and cabin for the A380.

The interior of the Business Class cabin showcases a modern yet organic color scheme featuring a selection of soothing and sumptuous leather and fabrics, in addition to lightweight carbon composite materials.

"We looked to Garden City of Singapore itself, its connection with nature and its bio sensitive design as our inspiration in creating the business class seat and cabin," stated John Tighe, design director at JPA Design leading the new business class cabin product design for Singapore Airlines. "We wanted customers to be delighted by a warm and modern ambience. We've evolved elements from the previous next generation cabin family, offering a reassuring level of familiarity, but with more dynamic and bold features introduced through the space. The hope is that customers will feel they are getting an upgrade."

Measuring 25 inches in width, the Business Class seat, which has two side wings for better back support, reclines directly into a comfortable full-flat bed. Customers may also stretch out fully in a 'sun-deck' position to watch movies on the 18-inch high definition touch-screen monitor. The Business Class seat is upholstered by Poltrona Frau as well.

A larger back shell on every seat creates a cocoon-like feel for more privacy while the centre divider can be fully lowered to form double beds, making the two centre seats an ideal choice for customers such as families travelling together.

A unique feature of the new Business Class seat is that it has a carbon fibre composite shell structure, as compared to conventional aircraft seats which use metal as the primary support structure. "We have designed the business class seat - called Monocoque - as an organic flowing structure," Tighe explained. "It's a super modern form with no gimmicks. The appealing aesthetic is the structure itself". This thinner base structure allows for better optimisation of the seat and creates more under-seat stowage space to accommodate a full-sized cabin bag and laptop bag or handbag.

"Passenger behaviour is changing. The trend is now for people to bring more luggage into the cabin, so we set out to design Monocoque to have the largest under seat capacity to stow luggage, appealing to passengers wishing to have their personal belongings close at hand. This design helps avoid the need for central overhead bins making the cabin appear not only more spacious but saving on weight too. Which saves on fuel and is therefore better for the environment. A win for Singapore Airlines, the cabin crew and the customers."

Seats in the Business Class cabin are arranged in a forward-facing, four-abreast (1-2-1) configuration that offers all customers direct access to the aisle. JPA's clever use of design allows the cabin layout to feature an extra two rows of business class seats, without compromising on passenger's personal space.

Other features include a business panel equipped with USB ports and in-seat power, reading lights with adjustable brightness level, mood lighting, enlarged dining table designed for flexibility in dining positions, as well as stowage space for personal amenities with a thoughtful design that puts everything within easy reach.

"For JPA Design, the stars of the show on any Singapore Airlines flight are the cabin crew and the excellent service they provide," added Tighe. "Every element has been carefully considered to ensure it enhances the effortless and elegant service offering. For example, the illuminated cocktail try is better positioned for crew to serve into the space without interrupting customers, who in turn can access their drink in a more intuitive and easy way. It offers a discreet and better connection between both parties."

Premium Economy Class comes with a contemporary and stylish design. Each seat is 19.5 inches wide, with eight-inch recline and seat pitch of 38 inches. Customers will be treated to an enhanced in-flight entertainment experience with the provision of active noise-cancelling headphones and a sleek 13.3-inch full HD monitor.

Other features include a full leather finishing, calf-rest and foot-bar for every seat, individual in-seat power supply, two USB ports, personal in-seat reading light, cocktail table, and more stowage space for personal items.

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