Swift Creatives Unveils New Wearable AR Concepts

Swift Creatives Unveils New Wearable AR Concepts

Swift Creatives has unveiled four new Wearable AR concepts designed to fit seamlessly into everyday life. The concepts respond to the trend in wearables being more and more farfetched and ultimately something you'd never feel comfortable leaving the house in. In contrast, Swift's new concepts are modest, tasteful and designed for everyday use.

"The wearable AR industry is still very much in its infancy," commented Carsten Eriksen, Co-CEO at Swift Creatives. "The possibilities are endless but we're often disappointed by most of the examples that make it to market because they seem to ignore cues from contemporary fashion. The smartphone, probably the most commonly adopted piece of technology, blends seamlessly into our collection of lifestyle products, and we're of the opinion that AR wearables should do the same."

AR Neckband

A new way of utilizing AR possibilities by concealing the technology inside a discreet, elegant neckband. Versatile and comfortable with a sleek design to provide quick and easy access to large datasets.

Sport AR Goggles

Wearable AR for sport, fitness and active lifestyles where sunglasses are a standard part of the equipment. Helps to enhance performance and improve abilities by better tracking and monitoring an individual's activity.

Enterprise AR Visor

A holographic headset designed for lab and manufacturing environments that enhances quality insurance and optimises workflow. A natural extension of safety glasses, the Enterprise AR Visor displays important information to improve efficiency and quality insurance.

Discreet Modular

Wearable AR that enhances the design process by helping architects and designers to visualise their ideas. This concept acknowledges that glasses are an important part of personal style by incorporating the technology into more stylish, fashion-led forms.

"When defining a new product category, it's important to begin at the end of the journey and work backwards," Eriksen added. "First and foremost, these concepts consider the potential users and the environments that they would be used in. Not only do they add real utility to peoples' lives, but this utility is rooted in realism. They're real products rather than over-the-top technology that seems like it's been grabbed from a sci-fi film!"

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