PB Creative Designs Brand Identity and Packaging for Titsey Brewing Co

PB Creative Designs Brand Identity and Packaging for Titsey Brewing Co

PB Creative has created the brand identity and packaging design for Titsey Brewing Co, a micro-brewery located on the Titsey Estate in Surrey. Inspired by the history and heritage of the Titsey Estate, Titsey Brewing Co has produced a light and fresh IPA called Leveson Buck, a Gower Wolf bitter, and a hoppy ale with the name Gresham Hopper.

PB Creative was initially approached by Titsey Brewing Co to design a pump clip but responded by creating a completely new brand identity that leverages the heritage of the Titsey Estate with a modern and progressive feel.

The brandmark crafted by PB Creative takes its inspiration from the crests of two of the most prominent families from the estate, Gower and Gresham, and their family emblems, the wolf and the grasshopper. By bringing these historical elements together, and adding a chalice to represent brewing, PB Creative crafted a modern take on the heraldic shield. The resulting logo is unique and ownable, presenting a cohesive link between the heritage of the estate, the crests and the brewery.

Each beer takes its name from the family tree of Titsey Place - the manor house on the estate. PB Creative took design cues from each of the family crests to create signature geometric lines and colour palettes for the identity of each beer.

Playful language, such as 'A rich bitter with a dark tale' for the Gower Wolf bitter and 'A hoppy ale with a bittersweet kick' for the Gresham Hopper ale, bring the provenance of the beers to life, while bespoke typography subtly nods to the grasshopper and wolf emblems.

"With competition so strong in the micro-breweries sector, we knew that the provenance of Titsey Brewing Co was key to the success and future growth of the brand," explained Pete Hayes, Co-Founder and Director, PB Creative. "Tapping into more than 1,000 years of history across the Titsey Estate, we've delivered an identity that gives a contemporary account of this heritage with a brand story that feels modern and progressive. The passion and vision of the three Titsey Brewing Co partners was clear from our first meeting with them. In return for our strategic and creative contribution, we're now proud to be equity holders in this fast-growing, young brewery."

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