FUTURE Designs Creates Dynamic Lighting Scheme for One of Clerkenwell's Newest Showroom

FUTURE Designs Creates Dynamic Lighting Scheme for One of Clerkenwell's Newest Showroom

FUTURE Designs has created a bespoke lighting scheme for the interior of Bisley's new showroom in the heart of Clerkenwell. The stunning new space is multi-functional, used as an office, showroom and event space and an important chapter in the evolution of Bisley, showcasing its ability to provide a complete furniture solution for the contemporary workplace.

FUTURE Designs had to provide a scheme that would not only showcase Bisley's portfolio of first class workplace solutions but also provide the very best in workplace lighting designs, promoting wellness and comfort for Bisley's employees. In line with the wellness standard, all luminaries are supplied with tuneable white LED's offering color change from 2700 Kelvin (warm white) up to 6000 Kelvin (cool white) thus allowing Bisley to vary the color temperature to suit their needs throughout the workday as well as altering the look and feel during presentations and social events.

Within the main area of the showroom, striking light scenes were originated via FUTURE Designs' VANE luminaire, creating slices of light that dart across the ceiling. The versatility of VANE enhanced the space adding a visually engaging appearance, with the feature lighting arranged as a rectangle, L shape and cross section. High grade extruded aluminum housing gives added flexibility to VANE as it allowed for tailor made lengths and seamless joins manufactured specifically for the space.

Large round suspended POD pendants were fitted into breakout zones creating an eye-catching element and easily defining the areas. This statement centrepiece luminaire is designed with an aluminum shell and incorporates an LED system, which gives a homogeneous flood of light to the front face.

COPPA a bespoke lighting system from FUTURE Designs was an integral design element of the boardroom creating a luxurious and dynamic space. Copper was traditionally used for lighting fabrications in bygone years due to its durability, corrosion resistance, prestigious appearance and ability to form complex shapes. The renaissance of copper in interiors design led to FUTURE Designs creating COPPA a unique system which embraces the beauty of the past whilst incorporating the latest in LED technology. COPPA has a highly polished and powder coated finish with a clear lacquer to maintain the appearance. To achieve the soft illuminance required from the LED light source, etched glass discs were produced and installed within the COPPA spotlight assemblies.

Photos: Courtesy of FUTURE Designs

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