FUTURE Designs Launches Podcast Series

FUTURE Designs Launches Podcast Series

FUTURE Designs has launched its first series of informative and educational podcasts through interviews with some of its experts. The three episodes, which are hosted by journalist Grant Gibson, explore the past, present and future of FUTURE Designs, outlining its humble beginnings to become one of the top five lighting manufacturers in the fit-out market.

The first of the podcasts follows the journey of FUTURE Designs, through the eyes of Founder and Chief Executive David Clements. The episode, which is recorded in FUTURE Designs' Edenbridge factory, retraces David's background leading up to the creation of the company in November 1991, as well as looking at how lighting has dramatically changed in the past decade and the opportunities and challenges of manufacturing in the UK.

The second episode interviews two key figures in the success of FUTURE Designs, Head of Design Anouska Nemchand and Operations Director Paul Noad. Anouska discusses her 20-year career, how technology has changed the face of lighting design and her studio's relationship to the adjacent factory. Paul reviews how the company's production has changed over the past decade, the importance of just-in-time manufacturing, and how the factory was transformed by the LED revolution.

The final podcast, which was recorded in front of a live audience, hosts Dr Neil Stanley, an appointed consultant to FUTURE Designs' specializing in 'sleep'. The interest in the impact on light on the circadian rhythms in the workplace led FUTURE Designs to seek expertise on this topic which is deeply connected with wellness and sleep.

Photo: Gareth Gardner

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