Winners of Red Dot Award - Communication Design 2018 Announced

Winners of Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018 Announced

Red Dot has announced the winners of its 2018 Communication Design Award. This year, designers, agencies and companies from 45 countries entered the competition and handed in a total of 8,610 works. From those submissions, the jury selected the winning designs in 17 categories.

"We are delighted that 2018 once again saw more designers and companies find their way to us than in the previous year," commented Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award.

"The higher number of entries is confirmation for us that we have got lots of things right and proof of the global trust placed in us when it comes to evaluating design. It bears testimony to the quality of the competition and in particular to the status enjoyed by our seal of quality."

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