Made Thought Designs Plastic Free Aisle Installation for Design Museum

Made Thought Designs Plastic Free Aisle Installation for Design Museum

Made Thought, in conjunction with environmental campaign group A Plastic Planet, has developed an installation recreating the world's first Plastic Free Aisle that was introduced in an Amsterdam branch of Dutch supermarket chain Ekoplaza in February this year. The installation, on view at the Museum through January 6, offers a glimpse of a plastic-free future for grocery shopping that is ready to be realized today.

The installation consists of supermarket shelves displaying an assortment of everyday products packaged in plastic-free materials, presented against the backdrop of Made Thought's iconic plastic-free visual personality. Products featured in the installation include food and drink items such as bread, chocolate, porridge, milk, wine and condiments.

Late last year Made Thought was given the challenging brief by A Plastic Planet of creating a visually arresting personality for both the Aisle and the Plastic Free Trust Mark - a new symbol designed by Made Thought to help shoppers quickly identify products that are completely free from plastic packaging.

"This installation reflects our mission to elevate the debate about plastic and its role in our everyday lives," said Made Thought Founding Partner Ben Parker. "Our approach is about education, approachability and clear, effective design to drive understanding and change behaviour. It was our view that too much of the communication on sustainability either feels fear and guilt driven or so serious and huge that the average person can't engage with it.

"Our approach was to create concise messaging. Plastic is a simple word that should be simple to explain. But it isn't. The campaign aims to cut through this linguistic confusion with straight-talk."

Photos: Courtesy of Made Thought

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