Made Thought Designs Visual Personality for Arc

Made Thought Designs Visual Personality for Arc

Made Thought has designed a powerful visual personality and launch strategy for new electric bike brand Arc. The Arc Vector, the most advanced electric bike in the world, launched this month in Milan.

Arc aims to reinvent the motorbike and riding experience, through a Human Machine Interface that literally creates a connection between man and machine. The bike is ridden with an intelligent rider jacket consisting of a network of haptic sensors and a Heads-Up Display helmet inspired by those of fighter pilots.

Made Thought worked with Arc to create an personality true to the way the brand is blending authentic motorcycling heritage with the world's most progressive technology. The studio embraced the immersive element of the Arc experience, creating a set of brand materials inspired by the sensory intricacies of the human body.

Made Thought created a powerful video featuring iconic images from the early days of motorcycle racing in the 1950s and 1960s. Using stunning panoramic vistas from locations as diverse as expansive salt flats and barren deserts, Made Thought recreated the sense of adventure and freedom afforded by the road ahead. The personality focuses on the way Arc makes the rider feel and experience the world around them, depicting images of the skin and eyes.

"Many brands talk about embracing innovation. But few live and breathe it like Arc. They create machines that feel like second nature," said Made Thought Founding Partner Paul Austin. "True to its founders' rich motorcycling and engineering heritage, Arc has created a product that evokes a sense of adventure that moves you in ways that nothing else can.

"In creating a visual personality for Arc we wanted to stay true to this heritage, while really capturing the essence of the brand's insatiable desire for technological progress."

Photos: Courtesy of Arc

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