Pentawards Live - Inaugural International Conference Debuts in Amsterdam

Pentawards Live: Inaugural International Conference Debuts in Amsterdam

Pentawards Live, a new event for the international packaging design community, will be held February 13 at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam. The concept behind Pentawards Live is to create a space where thought leaders and creative innovators across each pillar within the packaging value chain can convene.

"In response to demand for a new event, that draws cutting edge packaging professionals; from existing and emerging brands, to materials specialists, to design gurus, and pioneers in technology, under one roof, to truly facilitate a more fluid system where opportunity, collaboration and discovery can thrive - Pentawards Live was born," commented Adam Ryan, Pentawards Project Manager. "As our community continues to grow, both digitally and through our live events, it only seems natural that we use our unique position in the industry, to become a connector between the various layers within the packaging value chain, to enable true innovation. Pentawards Live in Amsterdam is a huge first step towards achieving this."

The event will be divided in to three areas, each with a different theme and purpose; Connect, Inspire and Learn. The beating heart of the event will be 'Connect' on the Main Deck of the Passenger Terminal, where the interaction between design agencies, brand owners, and packaging experts in materials and technology will take place in a carefully curated 'exhibition style' layout.

The Promenade Deck will be dedicated to 'Inspire,' where a selection of award-winning designs from the 2018 Pentawards competition will be displayed on the world renowned Pentawards Winner's Exhibit. 'Learn' will be delivered on the Panorama Deck, where the world's greatest influencers in packaging will take the stage and challenge the international audience to think outside of the box.

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