Deep Creates Launch Campaign for 1086 by Nyetimber

Deep Creates Launch Campaign for 1086 by Nyetimber

Deep recently created a nation-wide campaign for Nyetimber - the luxury sparkling wine producer based in the south of England. The expansive print and digital campaign, Nyetimber's first, builds awareness of the brand and positions their newly launched product, 1086, as the pinnacle of their wine portfolio.

"1086 is only made when the grape harvest is exceptional and is named after Nyetimber's first mention in the Domesday book of 1086," commented Grant Bowden, Creative Director at Deep. "Our campaign needed to reflect both the brand's rich, British heritage and the exceptional quality of the product, which is stocked in Harrods and Fortnum & Mason."

Deep began by creating a brand strategy to differentiate Nyetimber from competitors, establishing their position as a luxury British winemaker and reflecting 1086's enviable status as the first prestige cuvée sparkling wine created in England. This led to the concept of 'Made Glorious,' inspired by a line from Shakespeare, which was used to shape a narrative to celebrate Nyetimber's unique approach to wine production while positioning 1086 as a rare and joyous embodiment of sophistication.

The Made Glorious concept has been brought to life in a campaign spanning digital, film and print advertising, native advertising, guerrilla-style visual projections at London's iconic landmarks, brand film and photography, and a suite of exquisite print collateral - all tied to the recent exclusive launch at The Ritz.

"The focal point of the campaign is the film featuring incredible violinist Sally Potterton and a narrative linking the anticipation and excitement of playing a once-in-a-lifetime concert with the unforgettable experience of tasting the rare 1086 sparkling wine for the first time," explained Matt Shelley, Design Director at Deep. "Sally was perfect as she's a classical violinist with a contemporary twist - reflecting Nyetimber's heritage and luxury positioning while nodding to their contemporary forward-thinking approach."

Deep created a cinematic and sensorial feel in the campaign, reflecting the unique experience of drinking the wine and achieving a delicate balance of British exuberance, and refined hedonism. As Nyetimber's sole creative agency, Deep also created a new set of brand guidelines for Nyetimber's 1086, which will underpin the campaign as it continues to roll-out up until December.

Photos: Courtesy of Deep