venturethree Designs New Brand for Sleep Pioneer Dreem

venturethree Designs New Brand for Sleep Pioneer Dreem

venturethree has created a new brand for Dreem, a sleep neurotech startup. The brand is designed to support the sleep science and technology company in its evolution from neurotech start-up to a global consumer platform taking on the world's growing sleep problems.

Built on the ambition to 'wake the world up to sleep,' the brand challenges the traditional perception of sleep as a passive activity, empowering us to take action and reap the rewards as we wake up to brighter, healthier lives. With a simple, contemporary feel, the brand translates Dreem's deep understanding of neuroscience and technology into a bright, optimistic human experience.

The identity, with bespoke letterforms and a wave symbol inspired by 'pink noise,' blends technological precision with the beautiful impact sleep has in our lives. With active photography, a bright color palette and a bold and uplifting tone of voice, the brand breaks with convention to showcase sleep as a dynamic, life-enhancing experience everyone can get better at.

"Poor sleep is one of the biggest issues facing modern society. And, unlike many new-new-world 'tech' businesses who claim to want to change the world, Dreem might just have the science, skills and ambition to genuinely do something about it," commented Tim Jones, Strategy Director at venturethree. "The challenge for the brand was twofold. In the first instance, how do you convince people to let a 'brain company' yielding complex neuroscience enter one of the most intimate aspects of our lives? Secondly, how can we credibly cut through the clutter and apathy created by an exploding sleep category full of gimmicks and empty promises? The answer was finding a balance. Balance between scientific conviction and human empathy, between disrupting everyday behaviour whilst promising the calm sleep brings to our lives. Sleep is a truly complex problem, so we built the Dreem brand around a beautifully simple proposition and story: be better at sleep and wake up to a brighter, healthier, happier tomorrow."

Images: Courtesy of venturethree