HUGE Designs New, Ergonomic Stroller for Urban Parents

HUGE Designs New, Ergonomic Stroller for Urban Parents

HUGE Design have collaborated with baby brand 'Ergobaby' to design the METRO Compact City Stroller - providing a premium experience with discerning, urban parents specifically in mind. Among its features are a form that mimics the the body of the child, which has led to METRO being the only stroller currently on the market to be awarded a 'Back Healthy' certificate by the AGR, Germany's medical association for back pain.

After carrying out extensive trend research, HUGE identified the desire from a new and growing group of urban parents to have access to baby products that are equally as visually polished and high-quality as they are practical and functional. The research was used to drive the final design, in addition to the functional aspects of the stroller developed by Ergobaby's engineers, with the primary light blue and black colourway another example of blending of the product's 'hard' and 'soft' aspects. This was done to ensure that the stroller's aesthetics matched with the potential desires of the identified, parent persona.

Furthermore, as ultra-compact strollers also tend to be considered fragile, Ergobaby and HUGE designed METRO to be and appear solid and robust, once again blending industrial design principles with the softness of Ergobaby's brand identity. With the knowledge that parents are emotionally attached to the notion of their child being comfortable and secure, HUGE then proceeded to sculpt the form of the product, making it more rounded and smoother so that it would 'hug' the profile of the baby - an extension of Ergobaby's key brand theme.

"We applied the same principles from past transport design projects to METRO so that it would look as slick and contemporary as possible," commented Chris Harsacky, partner at HUGE Design. "We also created contours to really emphasise the tight security that it provides around the baby. All of this was to improve Ergobaby's share in a booming market of baby strollers."

HUGE's experience in working with technical materials for the likes of Nike helped them create a stroller with a particularly smooth finish, with all features flowing in a seamless, modern and cohesive way. The joint connecting the arms of the stroller for example has been developed to create softer intersections throughout the product, making it appear contemporary yet approachable. Additionally, the meshed tray underneath the seat provides storage space for the parent's belongings, as well as protection from dirt, mud and rain. A number of other colorways have also been developed so that the stroller can blend easily with the fashion sense of the parents.

Photos: Courtesy of HUGE Design

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