MassiveMusic Creates Sonic Identity for Philips

MassiveMusic Creates Sonic Identity for Philips

Philips recently launched a new global brand identity in the form of sound - their first 'sonic identity.' The unique suite of sounds has been captured entirely from recording the intimate sounds emitted from lightbulbs - Philips' iconic founding product.

"The inspiration comes from the idea of light bulbs being a symbol of creativity, ideas and imagination, as well as an icon of Philips' design heritage and excellence," commented Luc van Stiphout, head of music & brands at MassiveMusic. "In creating the Philips Instrument and using the sound of Philips light bulbs, we've brought consumers right to the heart of their business with the message that Philips products are ingeniously designed to make lives better."

MassiveMusic used contact microphones to capture the intimate sounds of Philips lightbulbs and the human body. These ranged from heartbeats and finger snaps to electricity running through a bulb, creating melodic, rhythmic and harmonic elements, the essentials for composing music. These elements form the basis of 'The Philips Instrument,' a fundamental tool in helping MassiveMusic to compose the new Philips sound logo. This will be used to sign off all future communications for the brand. Additionally, a rich suite of product and digital interface sounds were composed using the same instrument. This broad spectrum of sound icons has created a recognizable signature that caters to all touchpoints, from communications to product and services, bringing consistency across all global markets in every consumer interaction with the brand.

"Our journey with Philips has been one that we've thoroughly enjoyed as a project and collaborative process. We've gone further than just creating Philips' 'new sound' by making a whole new instrument and branding tool from one overarching concept," Stiphout added. "This doesn't just deliver a sound logo for advertising, but also caters to Philips' product sounds and digital services."

Photo: Courtesy of MassiveMusic


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