B&B Studio Partners with Dalston's for Soda Lights Range

B&B Studio Partners with Dalston's for Soda Lights Range

B&B studio has created the design and branding for Dalston's new 'Soda Lights' range, which includes two sparkling sodas that pack a flavor punch without the added sugar. Building on the core range identity the agency created for Dalston's in 2016, B&B's design aims to establish a new series of sodas without compromise and extend Dalston's successful craft range.

Blending real fruit with sparkling spring water and botanicals, the Soda Lights range is available in Rhubarb and Elderflower flavors. In contrast to the punchy colors of the core Dalston's range - where each flavor is defined by a vibrant color palette - the cans of the Soda Lights range are primarily silver. Differentiating between the flavor profiles, B&B has introduced splashes of color that appear sprayed-on, reflecting the urban feel of the Dalston's brand.

"Consumer palates are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, seeking delicious drinks that pack a flavour punch without the added sugar," commented Shaun Bowen, Creative Partner at B&B studio. "This sets a new challenge for brands who need to position themselves as an attractive, inspiring option rather than a lesser alternative. They need to be drinks without compromise.

"The strength of the Dalston's brand is in its honesty and integrity. It's a brand with a true modern provenance - handcrafted in East London - so we retained the raw, edgy essence of the brand but refined it to reflect the lighter, healthier elements of the new Soda Lights."


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