Without Rebrands the World's Most Luxurious Bedmaker, Savoir

Without Rebrands the World's Most Luxurious Bedmaker, Savoir

Without recently rebranded the world's most luxurious bedmaker, Savoir. The new identity focuses on its core values of craft and comfort, and emphasizes that good sleep is worth investing in.

Without created all the elements of the new identity, including brand and product naming as well as redesigning the website. The previous 'Savoir Beds' brand name was replaced by the more confident 'Savoir,' and a new logotype developed using heritage elements in a contemporary setting.

"We visited the Savoir workshop and were impressed to find a place of focus and calm, where skilled craftspeople use traditional techniques and natural materials to create products that last a lifetime," said Roly Grant, Creative Director of Without. "We wanted to bring to the fore Savoir's commitment to artisanal excellence by simplifying its offering and showing how a 'slow' world of traditional techniques and materials, one that values craft, comfort, and luxury, is conducive to unparalleled sleep quality."

Without streamlined the Savoir bed portfolio into four iconic, easy-to-navigate types - No1, No2, No3, No4 - taking the consumer from opulent-starter to super-luxury. A redesigned website now makes a virtue of the complex 120-hour manufacturing process, heroing each of the models and demonstrating why they are the best in the world.

A monogrammed 'S' entwined with '1905' has also been created for use on products like bed linen and other accessories, and could also work as a quality-assuring detail on the beds themselves, for example on tacks and leather tabs.

Images: Courtesy of Without