Without Creates Branding for No35 Mackenzie Walk

Without Creates Branding for No35 Mackenzie Walk

Without has designed a new brand identity for No35 Mackenzie Walk, the latest unique neighborhood bar from London group Darwin & Wallace located in Canary Wharf. Darwin & Wallace, which currently has seven locations in West London, was created as a home-from-home alternative to the gastropub by Mel Marriott, who has more than 20 years' experience in hospitality. Without has worked alongside Mel since the launch of the first Darwin & Wallace venture, No11 Pimlico Road.

"The brand is all about neighborhoods and making a positive contribution to London's villages," said Roly Grant, Creative Director, Without. "So while we've given Darwin & Wallace a coherent brand identity, it's one which encourages each bar to reflect its local area."

Every venue, therefore, has a bespoke textural illustration, painted in watercolor by Without designer Jenny Stuttard, which features on menus, signage and wayfinding, hoardings, out-of-home advertising displays, and digital campaigns.

"No35 Mackenzie Walk is an oasis in a hard-edged, chain-dominated business district," added Grant. "We kept the styling - from type, to texture, to colour - organic and open to celebrate local natural elements - the riverscape, reflections and open skies."

A simple naming convention, also devised by Without at the outset, eschews traditional pub monikers in favor of more personal private addresses, allowing the group to feel coherent yet each bar unique.

Each address also has a different typographic treatment to reflect the location and mood. No35 Mackenzie Walk has a light, characterful serif to contrast with the hard lines of the Wharf, whereas No29 Power Station West, for example, is deco-inspired, reflecting Battersea Power Station's heritage.

Photos: Courtesy of Without


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