Adobe and Pantone Launch Color Campaign to Combat Climate Change

Adobe and Pantone Launch Color Campaign to Combat Climate Change

Adobe and the Pantone Color Institute launched Glowing, Glowing, Gone, a campaign developed in partnership with The Ocean Agency-the nonprofit and Adobe Stock contributor behind the award-winning Netflix Original Documentary Chasing Coral-that aims to inspire action against climate change through creativity.

Corals sometimes produce vibrantly colored chemicals that act as sunscreens to protect themselves against underwater heat waves caused by climate change. To raise awareness of the coral reef crisis, Pantone and Adobe analyzed imagery captured by The Ocean Agency in New Caledonia to identify the unique colors of coral fluorescence, creating a range of "glowing" colors that embody these ecosystems' beautiful death.

"These Glowing colors are the ultimate visual indicator that we have reached a tipping point, not just for coral reefs, but for the planet," said Richard Vevers, CEO and founder of The Ocean Agency. "For the first time in human history, we are on the verge of losing a major planetary ecosystem, and only urgent global action on a local and global level will prevent this from happening."

The Glowing, Glowing, Gone campaign kicks off with a design challenge inviting brands and the creative community to show their support for ocean conservation by using these vibrant colors in creative designs, products and more-with the opportunity for artwork to be featured in New York City's Times Square, key ocean policy conferences/events and Adobe MAX - The Creativity Conference.

Adobe Stock also curated a collection inspired by the Glowing, Glowing, Gone palette, and all of the proceeds from sales of The Ocean Agency's Adobe Stock portfolio go to supporting the foundation's mission to protect our oceans.

Photos: Courtesy of Adobe