The Freshly Store by CuldeSac Custom

The Freshly Store by CuldeSac Custom

CuldeSac Custom recently designed Freshly Cosmetics' first physical store in Portaferrissa 34, one of the main streets in Barcelona and the fifth busiest in Europe. 'Freshly Store' is a corner store that, through a curved plane that crosses the space, simplifies shopping for customers as a self-service.

Its fa├žade aims to be invisible, permeable to the eye and to the passageway. The shape of the shop invites the customer to enter, guides them through the space and shows them the exit route once it has been covered in its entirety.

The entrance is dressed by different plants that evoke the botanical component of Freshly and the origin of its products. They do not appear in the space in a solely decorative way but are a recognizable element.

The store has a static point of payment and, in addition, two other mobile points where you can pay directly with card or from the mobile, without queues or waiting times.

The materials chosen for the store represent Freshly's identity. On the one hand, they speak of their natural and close component through the use of recycled flooring with natural fibers, wood and tiles and, on the other, they contrast with the more technical character of the brand through a canvas, stretched with neons, tubes and stainless-steel shelves.

Photography: David Zarzoso


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