CuldeSac Transforms B&B Madrid Centro Plaza Mayor

CuldeSac Transforms B&B Madrid Centro Plaza Mayor

CuldeSac recently transformed a historic 18th-century building located in one of the most popular areas of Madrid into a modern and welcoming space. Designed for B&B hotels, the project consists of a complete restoration of 40 rooms and common areas through an urban concept that combines the traditional characteristics of the space with the needs of the current guests.

The comprehensive renovation of this historic building incorporates unique spaces adapted to the current tastes and dynamics, embracing a contemporary and minimalist design that prioritizes experiences and content through warm and pleasant rooms.

Warm and ochre tones coexist with walnut woods and white ceramics, generating a functional and friendly aesthetic. Indirect lights located in structural elements such as mirrors and headboards complement this setting, bringing light and warmth to the space. Laminate floors made of flexible material unifies the old uneven surface. A solution that not only solves the challenges of this historic building structure but also absorbs and regulates the impact of movement and vibrations in a safe and effective way.

A design inspired by the city, its colors and materials bring freshness and become a natural extension of its privileged enclave, just a few meters from the most popular tourist and commercial attractions.

"As designers, we must support our clients in the transformation of their business model, helping to redefine their value proposition. The current hotel model is in full evolution and now prioritizes experiences and content," commented Pepe GarcĂ­a, Founder and Creative Director at CuldeSac. "The action inside the hotel is as important as the liveliness on the streets. Hotels become authentic hubs, where the advantages of their location are experienced in a more intense and genuine way."

Photography: David Zarzoso


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