fuseproject Unveils All-in-one Home Fitness System 'Forme'

fuseproject Unveils All-in-one Home Fitness System 'Forme'

fuseproject recently unveiled Forme, a fitness solution that brings the best of personal training and fitness classes into the home - reducing the time and scheduling barrier to living a healthy life. Forme is an elegant full-length mirror that transforms into a complete body and mind fitness studio featuring high-tech resistance training equipment that tucks away when not in use.

Designed by Yves Behar, founder of fuseproject, every detail has been considered to provide the most immersive and engaging experience in the home fitness space. The high-resolution display screen is hidden within the mirror when turned off, blurring the line between screen and physical device. When turned on, the display features a roster of classes to suit individual needs with a user-friendly touch screen experience.

Forme is designed to curate your workouts based on your ability, fitness goals, and mood. Each day, it plans a personalized workout based on your preferences and current fitness journey. Aided by machine learning and AI, Forme selects the right weight for a given exercise and dynamically adjusts as the user's fitness level changes. Additionally, Forme leverages advanced 3D motion tracking technology to provide expert guidance on form and technique, making strength training safer and more accessible than ever before.

Equipped with speakers, a microphone, and a camera, Forme can be wall mounted or freestanding, leaving the option open to the individual owner as it makes sense in their home. The station is equipped with pullies and adjustable, high-quality cast aluminum arms that can be moved up, down, or at an angle for various push or pull exercises. When not in use, the arms can retract to the side of the station-hidden behind the mirror-with just a quick push of a button. The matte dark grey finish offers a modern neutral and clean palette that adds to the aesthetic of any home without dominating a space or creating an eyesore. Discrete and elegant in design, Forme occupies only one square foot of floor space. All of its accessories and attachments are easy to attach and detach and can be done quickly; they can also all be stored in a practical sliding space at the back of the unit, completely away from view when not in use.

Photography: Peter Belanger, Courtesy of Forme Life and fuseproject