The Clerkenwell Brothers Designs New Brand ID and Packaging for Little Miracles

The Clerkenwell Brothers Designs New Brand ID & Packaging for Little Miracles

The Clerkenwell Brothers has designed a new brand identity and packaging for Little Miracles, a global iced tea brand. Extensive quantitative and qualitative research found that there was consumer demand for a low calorie, low sugar, sparkling drink that satisfied the taste buds and came in environmentally conscious packaging. The research encouraged the brand to make the move into 100% recyclable aluminum cans and to develop a new formulation of a lightly sparkling ​organic blend of fairtrade fruits and teas.

As part of the branding process for these new products, The Clerkenwell Brothers also looked to update the brands messaging and key visuals alongside the packaging application. While the logo was left untouched to ensure continuity with the brand's other products, the brand world was updated to have a more fresh and zingy appeal. This was done through a new color palette and updated typography which ultimately allowed the brand to have more flexibility in exploring a wide range of flavors and products.

"The way in which we approached the design was heavily influenced by the new strapline; Awaken Nature," explained Alice Dobbie, Chief of Art at The Clerkenwell Brothers. "We loved how perfectly this captured the brand's progressive, optimistic ethos as well as the uplifting quality of the drink itself.

"We wanted this to be reflected equally in the visual design, which we achieved through the invigorating color combinations inspired by the energizing ingredients and flavors. The composition of the foliage illustration, ​by Vicki Turner​, appears to be 'growing' outwards from the front-of-pack, surrounding the capsule-shaped container to again reinforce the idea of 'Awaken Nature.'"

The Clerkenwell Brothers